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WebCast – Introducing SQL Server on Containers: What Database Administrators Need to Know

Fala galera, tudo bem?

Preparados para mais um excelente evento do SQLManiacs?????

Nessa próxima Terça-Feira (08/10), a partir das 21h00, teremos o prazer de receber o Edwin Sarmiento falando sobre Containers com SQL Server.

Introducing SQL Server on Containers: What Database Administrators Need to Know

You have been given new responsibilities to automate deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications – not just SQL Server databases. But you feel stuck and overwhelmed because you have so much to figure out. The available information on the internet isn’t helping and you’re wasting so much time trying to learn things on your own.  Even worse, you end up being a stressed, overworked DBA who wished you could focus on the “cool stuff”, but are instead stuck in firefighting mode while juggling the additional workload.
In this session, get introduced to SQL Server on containers and what you need to know to start deploying and managing them. You’ll learn the different components that make up the container ecosystem and how to leverage containers for faster SQL Server deployments.

Para participar é só acessar o link na hora do evento.

Espero todos no evento e não deixem de inscreverem-se no blog, no canal do youtube, no grupo de discussão SQLManiacs  e em nosso grupo no TELEGRAM.

Grande abraço a todos.