Webcast – SQL SERVER and Docker. What, How and Why?


Hoje (04/04), à partir das 18h00, teremos mais um excelente webcast para o SQLManiacs e o tema de hoje é SQL Server and Docker.

Seguem as informações sobre a apresentação:

Titulo – SQL SERVER and Docker. What, How and Why? 

Docker has come with windows, and also SQL Server is coming to Linux. Can you run SQL Server in Docker? Why would you? In this session I’ll show you what Docker is, what you can use it for and what the use case is regarding SQL Server. I’m using SQL Server on Docker for Windows myself in test environments for instance, it turns out to be very useful in Continuous Integration and database upgrade testing scenarios. We’ll discuss production scenarios as well.

Bio – Andre Kamman

André is a SQL Server Solutions Architect at CloudDBA, based in The Netherlands. In previous roles he’s done a lot of DBA work on 100’s of servers where he discovered his love for Powershell and automating processes in general. Today the better part of his day he’s building and tuning Cloud migration scenarios, OLTP Systems, Data warehouses & ETL processes and even the occasional PDW. Enjoying automation so much, he’s discovered BIML and is loving it. André is a SQL Server MPV, Dutch PASS Chapter Leader and organizer of SQL Rally Amsterdam and SQL Saturday Holland.

Caso tenham interesse em acompanhar, basta acessar o link abaixo:

SQL Server and Docker

Espero todos vocês no evento e não deixem de inscreverem-se no blog, no canal do youtube e no grupo de discussão SQLManiacs.

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